If you require further assistance please contact us directly at support@uvs4u.com

1. How do I get my code(s) after buying?

You will receive your code(s) in an email to the address you used when checking out with PayPal upon purchase. Check your spam/junk folder as well or alternatively whitelist our domain so instead it will go straight to your inbox. If after a reasonable amount of time you still have not received your code please let us know.

2. Are your codes redeemable outside the UK?

Short answer; no. All of our codes are sourced from pamphlets within the United Kingdom and are therefore restricted to that region by the service. While it is possible to redeem the codes outside of the UK via the use of a VPN we do not provide instructions on how to achieve this. We do not provide support for issues with redemption if you are outside the UK.

3. I bought a HD code and it is not HD?

All of our codes which are listed under High Definition are sourced directly from pamphlets which state this. If you are unsure you are redeeming a High Definition code and believe it is Standard Definition you can go through the preliminary redemption period via MyUV. Under the poster, it will list the definition which you are redeeming. If this is not what you expect, please get in touch.

Unfortunately, this isn't always a guarantee of the quality you will be able to stream or download due to one issue or another typically down to the service which the code is redeemed at. This is out of our control so we can only provide limited support. There are ways to still achieve HD playback such as use of a VPN and accessing it through your UVVU collection.

4. The code I bought is showing as invalid?

More than likely the code is perfectly fine and valid. If you receive this message, try redeeming the code via another provider such as MyUV or Fox Digital HD if you are attempting to redeem directly onto a service like Flixster. Alternatively try an alternate device or browser in order to redeem the code. If the error persists, please get in touch.

5. Can I get a refund?

Unless the code remains unique and still allows redemption we will be unable to offer you a refund of any kind unless you have reasonable justification for wanting a refund. If you believe you are entitled to a refund please contact us directly via the aforementioned method and we will investigate your claim on a case by case basis.